September Morning

©Sharon Kay

Lowell, MI

God is good! Out of the blue He leads me to a photo-op. 

Usually this happens when I change my plans on a whim.  This time I walked out the door planning to take my usual morning walk in the woods but I forgot to put on mosquito spray, (they were buzzing around me), so I decided instead I’d get in the car and go for a ride with my camera.  I only rode around the block and even that was on a whim.  I was going to go a different route but a car coming up behind me made me decide to turn to get out of it’s way.

I saw how pretty the sunlight looked streaming through the trees so I pulled off on the shoulder of the road to capture a picture of it.  The biker startled me a little when he silently came up from behind and whizzed past as I was getting out of the car with my camera.  The timing was perfect!

Thank you Lord! (and biker)

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