I call our resident male cardinal(s) Kookaburra, not because of their “laugh” (thank heavens.. have you ever heard a real Kookaburra?) but because he truly is the king of his territory.  I’ve watched epic battles between the males fighting for the front yard feeder.  When he wins a battle he perches high on his favorite branch and sings his victory song.
I guess the loser got the back yard territory.



A yellow tree and wind sail breaks the gloom of a cloudy day at Pere Marquette.

Good light would make these photographs more interesting.  What can I say?!  Nearly every time I’m at this beach (taking my mom for a ride) it’s mid day, so even on sunny days the light is not great during the time I’m here.

©Sharon Kay

Flowers of June (so far)

Daisy foliage (top right) is just anticipation.
I wish I could bottle the scent of that peony.

From top left: Peony bud (about to open), Daisy foliage, Rose, Lady Slippers (a native and protected wildflower), Heirloom Iris, White Spiderwort, Purple Spiderwort.

Happy Earth Day

What a beautiful day!  Spring weather has finally arrived just in time for outdoor activities on Earth Day. (raking, mostly)

Living in the woods we enjoy watching different critters wander through.  Today we watched a tom strutting his stuff, hoping to find some romance.

Here’s to seeing more green and less white.  Sayonara winter!

©Sharon Kay

©Sharon Kay


2018 Lowell Michigan Flood

The flooding in Lowell this year was not as bad as in 2013, but it was significant.  This years flooding was the 4th largest in Lowell history.  I grabbed a few snapshots when we went for a ride.

Lowell flood 2018 ©sharon-k

Lowell flood 2018 ©sharon-k

Lowell flood 2018 ©sharon-k