Happy Earth Day

What a beautiful day!  Spring weather has finally arrived just in time for outdoor activities on Earth Day. (raking, mostly) Living in the woods we enjoy watching different critters wander through.  Today we watched a tom strutting his stuff, hoping to find some romance. Here’s to seeing more green and less white.  Sayonara winter!  

Shrinking Icebergs

On my most recent visit to Lake Michigan the sky was bland and the light wasn’t great for pictures but I took some shots of the ice anyhow.  As of last weekend (2-24-2018) the icebergs were still on Lake Michigan at Pere Marquette beach in Muskegon, Michigan, but they’re shrinking.  


An HD image of a remnant of the 127-year-old piano factory in Muskegon Michigan.  It sat on Lakeshore Drive, on the property of the former Sappi paper mill.  The property has been renamed Windward Pointe and will be redeveloped. It was a beautiful old building. I was sad to see it go.