It’s finally March

..but no sign of Spring yet. There’s still a lot of ice on Lake Michigan.

On my ride around the ovals at Muskegon’s Pere Marquette beach I grabbed some pictures and even uploaded them this time! These were captured Saturday, March 2, 2019.

Three Photo Web Galleries

Foggy Pere Marqutte – Feb 2, 2019

West Michigan Ice Storm – 2-6-2019

Icebergs & Ice Fishing – 2-9-2019

All images were captured in West Michigan. Beach images were captured at Pere Maquette beach in Muskegon. The ice storm images were captured at my home in Vergennes Township, between Lowell & Ada. The mini fishing village is on Muskegon Lake.

September Morning

©Sharon Kay

Lowell, MI

God is good! Out of the blue He leads me to a photo-op. 

Usually this happens when I change my plans on a whim.  This time I walked out the door planning to take my usual morning walk in the woods but I forgot to put on mosquito spray, (they were buzzing around me), so I decided instead I’d get in the car and go for a ride with my camera.  I only rode around the block and even that was on a whim.  I was going to go a different route but a car coming up behind me made me decide to turn to get out of it’s way.

I saw how pretty the sunlight looked streaming through the trees so I pulled off on the shoulder of the road to capture a picture of it.  The biker startled me a little when he silently came up from behind and whizzed past as I was getting out of the car with my camera.  The timing was perfect!

Thank you Lord! (and biker)


I call our resident male cardinal(s) Kookaburra, not because of their “laugh” (thank heavens.. have you ever heard a real Kookaburra?) but because he truly is the king of his territory.  I’ve watched epic battles between the males fighting for the front yard feeder.  When he wins a battle he perches high on his favorite branch and sings his victory song.
I guess the loser got the back yard territory.


Flowers of June (so far)

Daisy foliage (top right) is just anticipation.
I wish I could bottle the scent of that peony.

From top left: Peony bud (about to open), Daisy foliage, Rose, Lady Slippers (a native and protected wildflower), Heirloom Iris, White Spiderwort, Purple Spiderwort.